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we value things that are important to you

Going through transition can be overwhelming. No matter where you are in the process, we can help make your next transition as smooth as possible.

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Organizing, Packing, Donating, and Disposal

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Home Renovations and Modifications

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Moving and Resettling

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  • We Understand Transition

    You don't have to worry about calling multiple agencies. We handle everything or only what you want us to handle

  • Flexible

    Every situation is different and we understand there's no one size fits all approach to transition. Our staff is very accommodating to your needs

  • Efficient and Stress Free

    We work efficiently and make sure there is no added stress throughout the transition.

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Who we work with

We partner with assisted living communities and small businesses throughout Connecticut in order to provide the best service possible. 

The mission of Masonicare is to enhance the quality of life of seniors through exceptional care. Masonicare stands on a legacy of caring that has guided us for over a century—and remaining true to our founding ideals, our services continue to evolve.

I was all alone in my house. My family was in Florida and couldn’t help as much as they would have liked. I was having trouble keeping up with everyday chores and knew it was time to make a change. Amston Real Estate came in and immediately made me feel so much better. I no longer worried about what was going to happen next. They handled everything and I was able to sell my house and move into my new home much faster than I ever thought. I don’t know where I would be today without their help. My family and I are grateful to have found them. – Betty Smith